Ep. #383 – Hurting and Need to Talk? We Bring On Some Professionals


Still reeling from the events at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando we talk about dealing with the multitude of feelings that one feels after a tragedy that rocks a city and a nation to its core.

Sometimes we need to talk to someone and we have JT, a grief counselor over at the Center and a clinical psychologist, Dr. Paula Bloom, in studio with us to offer some words and perspective.

This kind of experience goes beyond age, race, and sexual orientation and people struggle in different ways whether they knew someone that had passed or if they had or had not ever even been to the Pulse before—-these types of events make us feel powerless.

How long will these feelings last if different for each person and be mindful that you may need to talk to someone if your ability to function is being impacted.

There will be grief counselors at the LGBT Center on Mills in Orlando, FL
More information at http://www.thecenterorlando.org

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