Ep. #368 – Twinks 4 Trump, the Return of Bobby and #PostCancerMorality

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Feat. Justice, Alex and Superfan John along with a blast from the radio show’s past.

Bobby returns after a 5 year hiatus with the same irreverent outlook on life and unmistakable laugh and it was good to catch up and have his voice on the radio again.

Justice recaps what it was like to infiltrate the Donald Trump rally at UCF in a clever disguise and how he got his bag and microphone past the secret service while having his Grindr blow up in the bathroom (and NOTHING happened in the bathroom at the Trump rally)

Substitute teacher John fills in for Learning with LadyBerri, news with Alex and the report about the first person to become poz while on PreP and what that means and MORE~!!

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