Ep. #332 – Caitlyn Jenner’s Cat named Tickles, Therapy and the Drag Race Finale

Feat. Justice, Rob Ward, Atomyc Adonis, Eric Thee Actor and Jesus McClay.

With a computer about to die, Justice and the gang talk about the most important things going on in the gay universe —- namely why Ginger Minj didn’t win Rupaul’s Drag Race and how Violet Chatchki called Justice an asshole on Twitter.

As well as Caitlyn Jenner’s cat, Tickles, become the first transgender cat to get such media attention and the Twitter robot correcting people’s tweets when it comes to ‘she not he’

Justice is learning lots of stuff and shares a bit of it on the air without undoing some of his control over his control issues, the Atomyc news, and MORE!!!!

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