Ep. #325 – Behind the Scenes from the Rupaul’s Drag Race Interview & Getting Drilled On-Air

After a great White Party at the Parliament House in Orlando, FL and interviewing Pearl, Violet Chachki and Kennedy Davenport from Season 7 of Rupaul’s Drag Race we spill the T on what happened BEFORE and AFTER the microphone was on as well as which one of the queens thinks Justice is an asshole now and which one came over to hang out.

Atomyc becomes the visual producer of the show despite Justice having trust issues, Adrien recounts her live performance and Rob remembers gay men getting patted down in Denver.

Halfway through the show someone started drilling for oil right above the studio and a trans female to male dude might grace the cover of Men’s Health for the first time.

Jokes, news and MORE!!!!!
Feat. Justice, Atomyc, MrMs Adrien and Rob Ward.

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