Uncensored Cuts from the Radio show [Listener Discretion Advised]

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There are always several stories and topics that we could NEVER talk about on air during the live broadcast. So we collected some of them from the first quarter of 2015 for you including:

the Cave of 10,000 Dildos
In the ButtHole
Not My Growler
Don’t Cum on the American Flag
Balls & Personality Test
Chocolate Anuses for Valentine’s Day
50 Grades of Shade of Lube
Money for Testicles
Hookups Interrupted by an Immigration Raid
Syphilis Cumshots to the Eyeball
Tiny Proud Penis Parties
Re-Growing Foreskin with Lizards
Melting a Candle on your Dick
Drunk, Pregnant and Enraged by Cocks

…and more!!

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