#289 – Poppers are the New Michael Sam (a most unrelated show title)

Justice lays in to Markers the Intern about what he brings to the show and try to figure out what to do with him (Do you think Justice was too much of a dick about it?)

Adrien Gemini, Josh Roth and also in studio with Southern Boy/Queen, Corbin on our first show SINCE being retweeted by Fred Pheps Jr of the Westboro Baptist church.

The new texting service is up and running and we start getting feedback from live listeners all over the country, we keep getting people roommates for the Drag Race at Sea cruise in December (hit me up for more info or click http://www.alandchuck.travel/trip/?triID=86 ).

Reflecting on the life and work of Robin Williams and some of his notable gender bending roles turns into Justice wondering what his funeral/comedic roast/’best of’ show would be and quickly turns into way too much self-reflection over things happening in his life that he is trying to improve (Sometimes growing up and realizing things about yourself while the mic is on sucks but hey, at least we’re being honest)

The burger argument, news, Markers getting sassy and MORE~!

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