#288 – Westboro Baptist Church Hate Song Countdown, the Whisper Challenge and MORE!

Come on, gay radio show!!!!
The Amish and Westboro Baptist Church are the same, right?

Justice, Adrien Gemini, Josh, Ally and Markers the intern are in studio.

We have a new texting & voicemail number for the show : (407) 801-2GAY

We restart the ‘3 Things that Justice Learned this Week’ song contest, get an update on the Drag Race at Sea Cruise and learn what National ‘Sneak a Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch’ Day is.

Grindr gym étiquette along with Justice speaking up on people that speak their minds (without being a creeper) with our OFFICIAL countdown of parody songs put out by the Westboro Baptist Church (this shit is for real, unfortunately….)

Adrien and Justice play the #WhisperChallenge game where one person plays loud music on their headphones and has to read lips and figure out what the other person is whispering to them…Thanks for the idea, Youtube!

The result was some really funny audio.

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