Uncensored at Sea with the Queens from Rupaul’s Drag Race


Episode #255
The 2013 Drag Race at Sea cruise brought to you by AlandChuck.travel was an awesome chance to get away from it all and onto the MSC Divinia with queens from all seasons of Rupaul’s Drag Race along with tons of fans. Over the course of several days I was fortunate enough to interact with and interview several of the queens from the show.

The books she’s into, what’s on her bucket list and still not being used to how Rupaul got everyone saying, “IVEEEEEEE WIIIIIIINTERSSSSSS”

Sitting & chatting in lounge chairs on deck and how Drag Race has changed the game for entertainers, along with future predictions for the show and favorite sandwiches.

From her merch table getting to speak to this Season 1 standout about the people that are uncomfortable with the fact that she doesn’t wear wigs, her first special hat and her story about poppers at the Parliament House.

While not on the show, this Orlando performer competed and won a spot to perform onboard the cruise and always tries to give back all that she can through the art of her drag.

A longtime friend of the radio show (and the gay club parking lot) we get to catch up with Ms. Summers about how to pull off the perfect Patti LaBelle, why she thinks Justice is a huge hoe, and discuss why the ‘gates of hell’ is not for the faint of heart during sex.

A follow up interview with Latrice over the business side of things and the team behind her along with reflecting on ‘How Latrice Taught Justice How to Tuck’ back in 2011 and how it changed his life. BONUS AUDIO: hear the infamous clip of the first live tucking to take place on radio (Latrice + Justice’s junk)

I interviewed these two as we all sat in a hot tub and talked about the recently engaged Vivienne: how her fiancé found out she did drag and planned out the proposal and who asks who’s parents for the blessing in a gay relationship. Alyssa talks about what it is she needs in a man and Justice tries to court her and it may or may not have worked (you decide)…Either way, she’s the good kind of crazy and full of things to say.

Off mic, I think I had the most fun getting to know these two and we got to talk about the divas Mariah draws her inspiration from, why sea foam reminds her of whale sperm and how she wanted more cocktails on the television show. Jade takes pride in being on the original season and loves how the show has grown and changed and tries to figure out which celebrity she would impersonate if her season had the Snatch Game Challenge.

A follow up interview on how Yara has found love and how he is probably the only one that always understands what she is saying and how to be fluent in Yara-nish.

The meaning behind the name how she wants to start the House of Sha-Fierce, being an uncategorized performer when it come to style of drag and unapologetic for what comes out of her mouth.

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