Ep.#253 – Uncover the Foil for a Very Uncensored Thanksgiving

It’s a Triple A (AAA) episode of the show with guests, Ally Gursky, Adrien Gemini and Addison Taylor along with Justice, Jamez the Quiet/Freaky Intern and newbie D.A. (Dead Air)

Check out the show as we discuss who/what the bug chasers are and Justice goes through the list of performers that will be on the Drag Race at Sea cruise and who he should be sure to interview (and which 2 of the queens have already felt that good ol’ Justice love) followed up with uncensored commentary about Thanksgiving and why we love/hate our families around the holidays PLUS a flashback to Jamez the Intern getting plastered at SawMill

Play the interactive scavenger hunt and listen for the following things that were said during the show.

1) Are you scab free?
2) Did i just ‘Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade’ my life?
3) Pandorra Boxx and I are going to trade imaginary pairs of underwear.
4) Your mouth says no but your ba-donkadonk says yes!
5) I’m thankful for how much this show sucks (and swallows)
6) If you’re good and contribute to the show I’ll let you talk about Lady GaGa for 60 seconds.
7) Spread those hips and make a baby and get raped by your father.
8) DO you feel that I’ve not been talking to you enough that you have to fart to get attention? Is that your family tradition?
9) I threw up the first time I tucked
10) One of the best things about being part of the gay community, for me, is that if your family sucks you can make a new one so quick.

REMINDER: Monday, December 9th at 9pm at Parliament House come to BROADWAY CHRISTMAS and see a ton of performances including Justice, Ally and a meatball singing a song together from RENT. All money collected goes towards The Trevor Project www.TheTrevorProject.org

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