Ep. #217 – The ‘Best Of’ Outloud Orlando Part 7


1-Battle of the spirit animals (Hawk versus Otter)
2-News fun, television and ‘Saved by the Bell’ reenactments
3-Lamest Valentine’s Day ideas with Addison Taylor
4-“You can’t say _____ on the radio” – a radio lesson
5-Guest appearance on A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Podcast. Check out www.TomAndDan.com
6-A call from Qween Amor about Prop8 & DOMA from Washington DC
7-Why sucking helium on the air is a good/crappy idea

The Homo Happy Hour featuring Atomyc Adonis, Jamez the Quiet Intern, Justin Wild, Cute Mikey, Rob Ward, and Jinx Mirage

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