Episode #214 – A Show on Trial

Tired and frustrated, Justice is hosting along with Atomyc Adonis, Rob Ward returns along with Justin Wild.

We invent the 10 minutes trial to solve problems between people on the show with the Honorable Judge Atomyc presiding as we discuss professional image along with accepting responsibility for your actions but not sounding like a slut.

Justice may have curses a Swedish couples wedding that he sang at in Barbados (sorry Jan-Erik Björk) and does Finders/Keepers apply to when a gay couple ‘finds’ a baby in the subway?

We find out it is Johnny Appleseed Day and Alfred Hitchcock day and go through the list to see what other bizarre days are out there (What is Tom Sore Day?)

We follow up on some news stories but then talk about the passing of Erica Andrews, and how many lives she touched with her life and her art as an entertainer. RIP ERICA Andrews

Random psychological questions are presented for a new segment called ‘Ask Atomyc’ because we can never get enough of that great voice.

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