Ep. #212 – Live from BOYLESQUE!!

We were fortunate enough to be invited by Nick Gray to see BOYLESQUE: Sensuality in Motion.

Before and after the show we talk to people about what they thought of the show and learn what burlesque is and what it can be, as well as all of the normal fun distractions that come with talk radio. Including Justice getting to talk to one of his comedy idols from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Podcast.

Justice, Pj, Str8 boy Wyatt, and Justin Wild are together covering this show that will be playing every Saturday at 8pm at Parliament House Orlando until March 23rd.

Check out www.Wanzie.com for more info and to buy tickets.
Check out www.TomAndDan.com
Check out www.JustinWild.com

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