Ep. #204 – “I’m So Excited, I’m So . . . Scared!”

Justice and Atomyc (the world’s first gay robot) are in studio along with returning guest, Jinx Mirage and newbie Michael (really cute!)

Giving out Christmas gifts a month later and Justice gives an informative lecture on why you can’t say ‘Fucking Shithead’ on the radio along with other obscene and indecent language.

Justice lusted after the drum & bugle corps when he was younger and we do a dramatic reenactment of one of the greatest moments in television-—when Jessie Spano gets addicted to caffeine pills.

Learning little lessons when being part of a couple and checking out new places to break a routine or monotony and proper etiquette when having sex while someone else is in the room (Do you thank them or give them a tip or what?)

The Pope see boobs, Miss Tranny California, Milk Airport, Jody Foster is gay (surprise!) and much more on this sideshow edition of the radio!!!

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