Ep. #195 – Winning Awards, the Honey Boo Boo HIV Test, Lesbians Don’t Know how to Have Fun, the Irish Invasion, Past Lives and Ruining Lives on a Daily Basis

Justice, Atomyc and Jamez the Quiet/Freaky Intern are in-studio along with special guest announcer, Jody the Irishman.

It’s a slam packed show going over things happening in our lives and with the radio show in the past week.

Justice takes credit for every step forward in the LGBT movement since starting the radio show, we win another award telling us how awesome we are (sincere thanks for everyone that voted for us), and we go over late night drunk phone calls from Atomyc and MORE~!!

The dating game to find love for Atomyc is announced so if you’re interested in going on a date with him, contact us.

The Parliament House hosts 3 Rupaul Drag Race Queens and a strange package arrives in the mail that we open on the air.

The Irishman tells the legend of the Twink Slayer in his country and we do some news, too.

Gay dates to a wedding with your ex, true love and shaving someone’s back, Helen Keller jokes and MORE~!

**I really stand behind this episode and want you to check it out and be entertained and/or offended.

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