Ep. #192 – Burnin’ down the house (except not really)

Right as we go on the air we had to evacuate the radio station because the fire alarm went off and we didn’t know if halon gas had been released into the studio.

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE CONTENT of what happened while we were off the air and the fire department came. If you listened live then all you heard was the siren going off since the microphones were left on. Thanks to the hot folks over at the Winter Park Fire Department!!

Once we were back on the air we jumped right back into the show since we had lost some time while being evacuated.

Justice finds out that one of his past hookups was involved in a meth-induced crime revolving around singer, Alanis Morissette, after seeing the news story online and thinks he needs to re-organize his catalog of ‘worst hookups ever.’

The Muzzy joins us for the show and Atomyc handles the international goo news and attempts to speak as if he is from each country that the story is from and real journalism sheds a single tear.

Stepping out of his comfort zone, Justice checks out Orlando’s hip hop night and the Bear Bust Weekend to serve as a judge in the ‘Best Bear Bust’ competition (WOOF).

All that plus plenty of random conversations about zombies, going to gay clubs with your little brother, cooking spray and MORE on this Fire/Halon Gas episode of Outloud Orlando.

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