Ep. #181 – The Ultimate Intern Competition begins with the first Intern and we get ready for Miss Comedy Queen

Four new interns will be showing up on the show over the next few weeks and after a 4 month competition, one will be crowned the ultimate intern and take home a cash prize.

There is The Quiet one, The Crazy one, A black guy named Oral
…and the Gorgeous one — Jack, an 18 year old model who is making his radio debut and makes his pitch as to why he would be the best intern — specifically wanting to see Colby OFF the show.

Stay tuned to meet the other interns and root for your favorite.

Then we talk to April Fresh and The Minx in studio about what makes the Miss Comedy Queen pageant so unique and what we can expect from this year’s event (August 20th @ the Parliament House, Check out www.anrtickets.com)

Justice wants to be the best comedy queen judge of all time & a secret celebrity guest is mentioned that will rock the pageant to it’s very core!!!

Drunk Jerry calls in minus 4 teeth, Justice feels liked a parent of delinquent children, a round table crossfire of the news and MORE in the episode of Outloud Orlando: The Homo Happy Hour.

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