Ep. #172 – Back live and seeing what happened in 3 weeks while we were gone.

After vacation we come back on the air and systematically go through the few weeks we were gone and cover:

-The Fringe Theatre Festival (with a show written by Little Bobby and Directed by Rob and included sex noises by Justice)

-The Orlando AIDS Walk and how we all almost died in da’ hood.

-Atomyc’s guest spot at Liquid over in Tampa and a field trip with Justice (and drag advice)

-Memorial Day weekend at Saw Mill Resort and having fun in the woods in a cabin followed by swimming with the manatees & becoming ‘the manatee whisperer’ along with getting blackout drunk (www.FLSawMill.com)

-Living through Gay Days and recapping our scores, why Justice loves the elevators and other assorted hijinks.

A smattering of news stories gets flicked at you throughout the show along with some psychotherapy in preparation of Father’s Day since 50% of the show has daddy shows.

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