Ep. #165 – Justice is the best and worst person alive as we recap our weekend with the Rupaul’s Drag Race girls PLUS Bobby comes by for a visit & Justice wants to be set up on blind dates

Tuesday’s show was pretty awesome with an intro by Sharon Needles!!

*We start raising money for the AIDS Walk and get an awesome on-air donation of $1000 on behalf of the SawMill Resort.

* Atomyc and Justice recap their weekend and meeting the Rupaul’s Drag Race girls at the Parliament House Orlando White Party!

* Bobby DeSormier comes by and fills us in on his play, Everybody Loves Chlamydia at the Orlando Fringe

*PLUS Justice confesses that he is ready to start seriously dating and possibly find a relationship and the guys offer to set him up on a blind date (I’m sure THIS idea while work out greaaaaaaat)

…all that and more plus a call from Jerry!!

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