Ep. #162 – a collection of craziness with a splatter of way too serious

We start off the show talking to Rachel Sommers about her School of Drag and get her set up with our friend, Scareic, and get him all dragged out for the Gay Softball League fundraiser.

Colby’s friend, Maggie, is filling in for him on today’s show along with Daniel and Rob.

Justice talks about hosting a fundraiser in St Pete at Octave and what jokes are or aren’t appropriate for a benefit for a woman with stage 4 terminal cancer (but it’s still for a good cause)

Then we share some awesome news about the SawMill Campgrounds Anniversary w/LOGO weekend featuring the one and only RUPAUL. The radio show was invited to come out and see what it’s all about and enter our own drag queen in a mini drag race competition (MORE TO COME!) Check out www.FLSawMill.com for more details.

Justice talks about his personal religious beliefs before we get a phone call letting us know that we are the #1 radio show for straight construction workers in Winter Park. Then Daniel reads some emails from some people.

The gay jew news with Rob followed by whether there is a difference between ‘YOU’RE gay’ versus ‘IT’S GAY’ and people get preachy.

We hear how Rob and Colby’s cruise went and Justice is glad they weren’t arrested or cause an international incident.

Justice recaps his trip to Fort Lauderdale including the good, the dumb bonehead move he pulled, AND what it’s like to run into an ex fiance and how it can still be awkward to run into someone you loved that broke your heart AND broke your face with their fists.

Justice and Rob were guests on another WPRK show being interviewed about Outloud Orlando and you get to hear a lot of behind the scenes on the radio show, how it started, and the thought that goes into each episode (believe it or not)

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