Ep. #158 – Surviving another birthday, How to open a new gay club, and drag queens can’t read

Rob is out for the day so special guest & model, Shaun McCarron comes back to do the show with us.

Atomic Adonis shows up in full drag (for no real reason) and the podcast microphones cut out for about ten minutes (unrelated to Daniel being in drag).

One of his arch-enemies calls in to call Justice fat and we reveal that Justice may actually be the most morbidly obese radio talk show host in the business (except he’s not….)

We talk more about the Outloud Orlando drunk Grindr party and look at profiles on DouchebagsOfGrindr.com and learn that we have so many online listeners that the server is freezing up (go us!!)

Michael from The Brink comes back to tell us about the grand opening of Orlando’s newest gay club and he fields some slightly personal/edgy questions from callers.
For more into check out www.BrinkOrlando.com

The news, spending your tax return on escorts, Colby’s lack of a fetish and MORE

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