Ep. #153 – Rob’s back and Justice is operating on only 2 hours of sleep

Rob and Justice have to learn how to play ‘radio’ again since Rob has been gone for several week and an emailer accuses Justice of treating Rob like his ‘Golden Boy.’

‘Full Hole’ Colby returns and tries out a new bit with the blessing of Bobby: the gayest bartender in all the land….it’s the triumphant return of ‘Story time with Bob featuring Colby’

Justice isn’t getting enough sleep and is convinced it’s the worst show ever (again!)

We talk about Grindr being hacked and how a live uncensored show would sound if we were all creeping on Grindr.

One of the guys comes by to say farewell as he moves on to other great things and Justice almost cries.

The shirtless intern wears bow ties, calls from crazy Jerry (the nugget) in College Park, a heaping helping of the goo news and more~!!!

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