Ep. #150: Starting back in 2012 with emails from listeners, Drunk Homo Trivia, Lots of news and the sexually explicit segment ever!!

After a much needed break Justice and the boys are back for the first live show of 2012.

We recap why drinking and having a microphone nearby is a bad idea.

Lots of emails from listeners loving and hating on us plus Quiet John plays ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ with Justice, Daniel, Rob and Bobby.

Zachtor turned 21, got wasted, and played drunk homo trivia (but he doesn’t remember any of it)

After being gone for 2 weeks we have lots of news stories to catch up on and share including: Gay robots, skipping jury duty for a musical, marriage stats, and the pros and cons of wearing condoms in porn and if Los Angles will make bareback porn illegal.

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE & UNCENSORED– some down and dirty talk that probably reveals too much information but it happened so we have to live with it.

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