Ep. #147: Interview with Rick Perry on Outloud Orlando: the Conservative Heart of America???

Meet Justin Douglas Anthracite, the host of Outloud Orlando: FM’s political talk radio and the conservative heart that burns for America……at least that is what we’ve been telling the Rick Perry campaign for weeks setting up this interview with this Republican Presidential candidate.

….Listen to see what happened!!!

Justice has a weekend of fun, drinking and thinking along with some late night adventures and is paying for it now as his ego continues to grow as host of the most popular talk show of it’s kind.

Rob and Justice attend the same Christmas party but have a difference in opinion on how things are perceived when it comes to talking to guys.

The ‘LOGO OVER THE JUNK’ contest winner is revealed and wins $200 cash.

Bobby’s contest guest, Derrick Miller, comes to the studio for an interview.

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE***The story of Daniel’s first trip to the bathhouse and the uncensored Gay Jew New has been changed to ‘The Rick Perry bareback military Santa rape’ news.

PLUS – We talk about the BROADWAY CHRISTMAS 5 charity event benefiting the Trevor Project on Thursday, Dec. 22nd at Revolution Nightclub.

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