Ep. #146: Almost 2 hours with UNCENSORED deep penetrating interviews with LADY RAPTASTIC & pornstar, SEAN LUCAS and more!

WARNING: Contains sexually explicit content
Listener Discretion is advised

The holiday spirit is in full swing and all kinds of stuff is happening:

-Justice dumped the Beyonce cleansing fast and makes a decision about Chik-fil-a.

-The ‘LOGO OVER YOUR JUNK’ contest has been causing problems and there is one week left to vote without any further sabotage.

-Sean Lucas, a tall sexy black man that films with Lucas Entertainment comes in and makes everything sexier.

-Rob’s guest for the show is the Lady Raptastic (If ya don’t know this Pine Hills Princess then be sure to check it out—there’s not really a way to describe it).

-Revenge stories with exes after a break up….What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done or had done to you?

-A deep and throbbing UNCENSORED interview about the porn industry, self sucking & fucking and cuddling with a flaming log.

-Several news stories with commentary by Lady Raptastic along with Quiet John, Daniel Haas and Ben the shot boy.

air date: 12/6/11

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