Ep. #145: Justice & the Beyonce cleansing fast, drunk voicemails, lots of calls, news, and other random hilarity

Justice made a promise to Beyonce and is on Day 2 of 10 of her cleansing fast of only drinking water with lemon juice/maple syrup/cheyenne and salt water flush.

Rob, Quiet John, Zachtor, Chris the shirtless intern, and Blosh (Black + Josh) are in studio to fill in while Bobby and Daniel are out.

One of the members of the show leaves Justice a drunk horny voicemail over Thanksgiving (guess who??)

Lots of calls from around the country (and two more states added to the 50 State Initiative)

A myriad of stories in the gay jew news w/Rob

The saddest cities in the US and 5 Florida cities score failing grades

Podcast Exclusive Segments–
*a 2010 interview with Alisa Summers from the upcoming Season of Rupaul’s Drag Race (her first radio interview was with us!!)

*Talking about the gay porn that was filmed at Occupy Oakland in a tent (called ‘Occupy my Throat’)

air date: 11/29/11

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