Ep. #140: Almost 2 Uncut Hours of show including the ‘ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A GO GO DANCER’ game, Introduce the ‘LOGO on YOUR JUNK’ contest, followed by an UNcensored podcast exclusive interview that you won’t want to miss (Hint: it’s sexy)

Bobby, the Gayest Man in Orlando is back (along with that laugh of his) along with Rob and Daniel.

We talk about the new app for smartphones that allows you to listen to the radio show on the go.

We introduce the ‘LOGO on YOUR JUNK’ contest on Facebook that will run the remainder of 2011. Simply take the show’s logo, put it over your ‘junk’ in a picture and we’ll get it in the official photo album where people will vote and the winner will receive a cash prize (plus some other stuff).

We reflect on where the show has come from as we prepare for a vacation and some ‘Best Of’ shows.

Leon and Skylar are two go-go dancers/performers that came to Orlando as one of their stops on an east coast tour. We got them in the studio (and out of their clothes) for some great interviews, as well as to compete against Rob in ‘Are you Smarter than a GO GO Dancer.’

We also learned about some other activities and jobs that the boys take part in and the result was a candid look at what people do and why they do it — some pretty interesting and revealing answers as we learn the different career paths of sexy young men.

air date: 10/25/11

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