Ep.#135: Justice is the Pool Tool Loser, DADT, intern candidate Tatiana Mendez, stupid gay criminals, and More**

PROBLEM: The day before the show Justice was suffering from broadcaster’s block and had no idea what to talk about the show.

SOLUTION: Go to the Parliament House with co-host, Rob Ward, and watch him get drunk during the strip contest and instantly come up with stuff to talk about!!

Our new guest intern, Tatiana Mendez, comes by the radio show — We thought she did pretty good, how bout you ?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is finally a thing of the past and we are thankfully taking credit for supporting this initiative.

Justice lost in pool to Rob so this week it’s the ‘3 things that ROB learned this week.’

Crazy gay criminals (ugly lesbian thieves & marauding cross-dressing gangs robbing fabric stores).

Why Rob and Justice will never fall in love, 2 people on the show don’t know where New York is on a map, and another call as part of the 50 STATE INITIATIVE.

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