On the Air 2 days After the Tragic Events at Pulse in Orlando, FL

This show airs in Orlando, FL and we have all been touched by the heinous events that took place on June 12th at Pulse Nightclub–some more than others but we all still have a voice as we are part of this community and this was our home and these were our acquaintances and friends and loved ones.

We are opened up our airwaves to the people, loved ones and victims of everyone that has been touched by this.

We did what we needed to on the radio show today in the wake of the tragedy at Pulse in our city…..our home.

I’ve never been more proud to be gay and to live in Orlando and be a broadcaster.

Thanks to the callers and people interacting online and most of all my guys here in studio with me….I love you all so much.

-DJ Justice

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