Ep. #343 – Angry Vegan Chick, Drunk Justice, Uber Will Stalk Your Boyfriend and #SitOnMyFace

Gay Radio Show LOGO PNG copy

Feat. Dj Justice and Eric Thee Actor along with Sunday Funday special guests, Kyle Catoe and Steven Tyler William

Another contestant from the past Logo Over Your Junk is in studio (and he’s been drinking milk and got JACKED)

Vomit sex and that crazy guy that’s really into Alanis Morissette PLUS
why are vegans angry, where did Justice throw up this weekend, and how long have ya gone without getting any?

I still don’t think anyone still reads this dumbass descriptions but I definitely made a new jack off/cum shot video today on my phone but in order to get the right angle I ended up blowing all over my actual phone so the question is…..was it worth it? Yes. Yes it was.

…Oh and a special call from MrMs Adrien from Universal, too.

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