Ep. #228 – 6 Years Later, Our Anniversary Show and Lots of MrMs Adrien

Feat. Justice, MrMs Adrien, Eric Thee Actor and a cute guy laying on the couch.

With a new logo and website, GayRadioShow.com is up and running as we celebrate 6 years on the air despire 1 cancellation, 1 suspension and 1 fire in the studio and as Justice announces he is cancer free, check out his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjoz9O5qyZ4

PODCAST EXCLUSIVE FLASHBACK ** audio from the VERY FIRST episode of the radio show from 2009 (yeah it’s kinda bad…)

Adrien gives us a minute of sports and recounts he adventures at the Bette Midler concert in Tampa and Justice talks being chased by a crazy fan with a baseball bat in St. Pete.

Adrien and Justice are heading to New York to perform and do the radio show after being invited by a Staten Island club

All homoesexuals are being sued by a 66 year old woman from Nebraska so we get ready for court and other news

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