Ep. #303 – Gay Dinosaur Erotica, Justice is Late and Over the Bridge to Pimpleton

Adrien Gemini, Rob Ward and Jesus McClay and in studio and for the first time in 5 years Justice is late to his own show.

Why is that?
…..You’ll find out eventually.

We play the ‘NAME GAME’ when it comes to New York gay bars and clubs and check out if we can donate blood yet, which countries hate us the least and more Michael Sam news (to the surprise of Adrien).

We explore the world of literature and gay erotica but with dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers and robots (trust me, this shit is real….)

Talking about the upcoming Gay Drag Race at Sea cruise and trying to resurrect several old & forgotten gay slang phrases from the past (Have you ever been a Lucky Pierre?)

All that and more!
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