Ep. #291 – Someone’s in the Kitchen with Markers

Justice barely survives Labor Day weekend in Tampa and St Pete and did virtually NO show prep so instead of the Three Things he learned this week he hands it over to Adrien Gemini, Markers the Intern and Josh.

Everything wrong shady landscapers to how to offend a drag queen and a 10 minutes extended metaphor for cooking in the kitchen that is actually a conversation about sex with your boyfriend and sex toys…..you’ll just have to figure it out as we go alone.

Justice fills in the blanks from this week as best he can before we do a little bit of news along with announcing the 4th Annual Outloud Orlando Logo Over Your Junk Contest starting in October that will give out a CA$H PRIZE to the winner!!

Hereafter called F.A.O.L.O.Y.J.C

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