Ep. #290 – A Gay Cave of Wonders


Justice, Adrien Gemini & Markers the Intern are in studio with special guests Eric the Actor and Chris E. Mystery.
Back from a break and missing doing live radio and remembering our best moments.

Michael Sam sacking (and what that means to you hardcore sports fans) and the Twitter challenge.

The texting service checks in from across the country and people begin submitting song versions of ‘the three things that Justice learned this week’

Justice visited Alabama to help his little brother move and realizes that isn’t the kid he used to throw legos at anymore plus burning his way through the gays in the south.

A surprise phone call from Jamez the Quiet/Freak Intern who survived Air Force basic training…..still the same ol’ Jamez.

News with Adrien,
It bad to say you miss how hot someone used to be before they became transgendered?
Leather harnesses may make you a hypocritical slut, becoming a phone sex operator and MORE!!!

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