Ep. #285 – Cranky Justice, Poppers make you Blind, Nerd Talk with Markers and Facts that will Explode your Mind.


Justice clearly lists the 3 things he learned this week even though the weather is bad and he is cranky and tired the entire episode.
Markers the Intern tries a new bit highlighting comics and nerd life (should we have him do it again in the future?)
Adrien becomes the star of Grindr in Fort Meyers, FL; Archie Comics becomes a martyr for the gay/anti-gun/military friendly/political agenda; the nude beach and how to know if someone is gay; Hiding your money and credit cards from slutty dudes that come over and the ‘clapping your hands’ defense; Haunted cock rings, the News and MORE~!~!

Featuring Justice, Adrien Gemini, Atomyc Adonis & Markers the Intern.

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