Ep. #281 – A Crackled Start Turns into a Pretty Solid Throwback Show


Justice reunites with show veterans Rob Ward and Atomyc Adonis along with ‘Markers’ the Intern and special guests Ally Gursky and Eric the Actor.

A dysfunctional and crackled start to the show quickly picks up as we get into what’s happening in Justice’s life and the rest of the world.

Jamez the Ultimate Intern ships off to the military, Rob schools the newbies on the show in the tactful way that puts out Justice’s fire of hate, we are proud to be a show that pisses people off just enough to get a drink thrown in our faces but not quite enough to be punched and how fighting with your buddies could be solved if you sleep with my co-hosts.

Atomyc bastardizes the news, Justice has weird dreams and workout routines and we include a throwback to when we became a conservative talk show to prank the Rick Perry Presidential campaign back in 2012.

All that and MORE!!
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