Ep. #279 – Stalkers, Tourettes Syndrome Church Ladies, Gay Days and Back Waxing


D.j. Justice, Adrien Gemini along with the rebellious guests: Atomyc Adonis, Joshua and Ally Gursky are in studio talking about our expectations for Gay Days 2014 in Orlando, FL as well as a lot of other things that have come up in the news.

Justice recalls singing on the church praise & worship team with a woman that has tourette’s syndrome and then gets freaked out when his stalker from 2003-2008 calls in the radio show
[NOTE: this person would call his cell phone from a calling card 3 to 4 times a week and only play the song, ‘Dust in the Wind,’ and then hang up].

We get freaked out thinking that everyone on the show is going to be murdered but go on to talk about Bianca Del Rio’s movie, Antoine Dobson (hide yo kids, hide yo wife) rejecting homosexuality, destructive feminine hurricanes and realizing that people (even Justice’s mom) can change.

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