Ep. #278 – Angry Rupaul, Justice an Uncle and Why We Should Watch Old Gay Movies


Featuring: Justice, Adrien Gemini, Jamez the Quiet Intern, ‘Markers’ the Intern and Actor Eric.

Justice finds out on the air and that he will soon be an uncle
we talk about why X-Men: Days of Future Past is an awesome movie and how Magneto compares gay people to mutants as we discuss other historically ‘gay’ movies and WHY they are a part of LGBT culture.

The debate over the T word intensifies and we include actual audio of a Rupaul interview to hear her thoughts on the subject and Justice wonders if he’ll ever have to change the name of the radio show and drop the HOMO from Homo Happy Hour.

The CDC looks into Truvada, Florida politicians think standardized tests will make children gay, why Jamez thinks Justice is femm/metro and MORE!!!

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