Ep. #268 – Sick Day * Justice is Dying * MegaCon Audio

Justice is sick and bitches about it the entire show coughing his lungs onto the studio floor,
Adrien gets pulled over by the cops on the way to the show and we have a new potential intern on the air for his first time……But other than that, it was a pretty decent show!

We recap MegaCon and taking part in gay nerdy sci-fi speed dating, as well as Justice meeting Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee in drag.

Justice / Grandma Justice interviews bronies/geeks/nerds/fanboys and characters at MegaCon asking all the *hard-hitting* questions
* * * * *

We start trying to figure out who Theo is and why he wants to be an intern on the show along with his OKCupid profile and super beard.

Justice coughs and whines some more.

We mourn the loss of Westboro Baptist’s Fred Pheps and look forward to the plans that the Satanic Temple has for his soul; learn that penis silicone injections might not be a good idea, and MORE!!

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