Ep. #264 – A Season of Change


It is the dawning of a new age in radio and reign of tyranny is over as we say hello to the new station manager and THANK THE LORD that the old one is gone.

We honor the career of our most successful intern as we finally say goodbye to Jamez the Quiet/Freaky Intern as he moves on to the next phase of his life.

‘A minute of GaGa’ follows ‘A minute of Sports’ with Adrien Gemini where we learn that America won more gold superbowls than any other team in the world (huh??)

Ally G. joins us in studio along with Rob Ward who poops comedy entertainment all over the place, surviving another birthday, finally revealing that one of the members on the show is transgender (maybe) and MORE!!!

Justice speaks his mind and really says what he thinks about the previous year & working with someone, who in his opinion, was the worst human being alive.
PODCAST FLASHBACK to Justice unnatural fear of spare change and being tied down by Nazis and force fed pennies from a spoon.

aids walk promo
I hope you join our radio team for the AIDS Walk and maybe donate or help us find some more donors to help us reach our goal this year.

All easy to do online … !!
1. GO to www.AIDSwalkOrlando.org
2. Click DONATE
3. Select ‘Donate to a team’ as the Donation Type
4. Select ‘1OutloudOrlando’ (we should be the team at the very top of the list)

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