Ep. #247-Rooting Around for Ass Flags and other hijinks

The talented Rob Ward is back in studio along with Justice, Jamez the Quiet/Freaky Intern, Justin Wild and special guest, Chris E.Mistery.

It’s White Cane Safety Day (whatever that is…) and Justice seems like something is stressing out and comes up with how he will end his radio career if such a day ever comes.

We try to dissect a guilty bias against straight people and decide if we are showing gay favoritism or not in certain situations along with comparing helpful tips from Yahoo News on how to get more dates and if their suggestions would help the LG BLT community.

People DON’T get naked in the studio (or do they ….? ) * Picking up guys at AA meetings * Going on a cruise by yourself and being a little shy * More talk about the ‘Logo Over Your Junk’ contest * making jokes at the expense of others but still loving one another * gay roommates at college* news & more!!

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