Ep.#243 – the BEST of OUTLOUD ORLANDO pt. 8

Justin Wild hosts this BEST OF episode of the radio show while Justice is having surgery:

Including appearances by Atomyc Adonis, Jinx, Jamez the Quiet Intern, Muzzy, Justin Wild, James Jacob Pieri the Auset Gypsy, Justice’s Dad and plenty of other people.

1-A poll of the gayest celebrities we don’t know anything about
2-Tarot card readings & Justice is the devil
3-Happy Flitch Day
4-The 10-minute trial with Judge Atomyc, Justin Wild vs. Justice
5-Westboro Baptist vs. 5 year old lemonade girl
6-Continued adventures with the gay deaf
7-Daddy! Calls for Father’s Day and quizzing the old man
8-Drunk Justice impressions
9-Old tapes and why kids are idiots

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