Ep.#242 – Pandaemonium, ‘Bubba Wild’ and Ruptured Bicep Tendons

Featuring Justice, Jinx, Justin Wild, Karaoke Chris and Kelly C. in studio.

I procrastinatined in putting up this episode of the radio show (along with the uncensored podcast broadcast) because of something that happened on the air. It’s never good when people you care about get so pissed at you that they walk out during the show.

I can’t change it. It has caused problems and probably will bring about more drama in my personal life but I still will publish it without editing any of the show.

Fuck my life.
Ya’ll better enjoy the drama cuz right now I just wanna ignore it and watch Breaking Amish L.A.

ALSO including: the news, ‘Putting it in Putin,’ getting Facebook punished, hiding my porn from the mechanic, arm injuries, how much will $10,000 get you on a date and MORE~!!

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