Ep.#240 – #AllOverYourFace

Post Mtv VMA’s and the twerk disaster from Miley Cyrus, Justice, Jinx, Justin Wild and Adrien Gemini are in studio going through a bunch of things with no real direction at all.

This show covers:
(in no particular order)
-Macklemore and Equality
-The 3rd Annual Logo Over Your Junk Contest in October
-Russian gay blood ban
-Porky Pigging it
-Who on the show sweats the most during their sleep
-Awards taking away categories
-An unhealthy interest in the Amish
-Inviting guys to church on Grindr
-Being insensitive during a story about rape
-Steve Grand & Ricky Martin = All Over My Face #AllOver
-Justice’s new writing gig on www.TheQuire.com
-Tampa after parties/rolling along
-Jamaica hates gay/loves weed

PLUS an UNCENSORED Podcast Exclusive segment of ‘JUST JINX’ where she talks about race, being in a steel drum band and how her white friends ask her to do stupid shit PLUS we talk about our meeting with the General Manager right after we got off the air.

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