Ep. #223 – Happy 4 Year Anniversary to us!

How we made it four years on the air with only being suspended and cancelled once is beyond me…but Happy Anniversary, Outloud Orlando!

We recap events & performances with Grandma Justice and fundraising for AIDS Walk Orlando. (Almost $1600 raised so THANK YOU to everyone that has donated. Donation info below!)

At risk of losing his voice Justice is gargling apple cider vinegar and snorting honey.

The dynamics of living with someone that you’re in a relationship with, applying for Survivor on the air and working through the pre-emptive conversation of “I’m not looking for a relationship” after having just met someone.

Justice along with Xtopher Blu, Jamez the Quiet/Freaky Intern and the return of Brad the MENSA go-go dancer, we work through another episode of the show bringing you news, real life personality driven radio that is FOR REAL, FOR FUN,FOR EVERYONE!

Help out our team, every little bit helps!
All easy to do online … !!
1. GO to www.AIDSwalkOrlando.org
2. Click DONATE
3. Select ‘Donate to a team’ as the Donation Type
4. Select ‘1OutloudOrlando’ (we should be the team at the very top of the list)

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