Ep. #222 – Do it for Grandma Justice!!

*The podcast audio cuts in a few minutes after the show had already started…don’t worry, you didn’t really miss anything there.

But it picks up when Justice is trying to explain where Atomyc Adonis has gone since Episode #220.
Friends comes and go and in the world of radio people come and go but we love Atomyc and hope he finds his way back onto the air with us soon.

Rupaul’s Drag Race crowns a winner for Season 5 and people take it really seriously….but we did come up with a pretty cool Drag Race battle card game idea!

We update how team 1OutloudOrlando is doing with the AIDS Walk Orlando and we are proud to say we’ve raised over $1000 so far !!!

Grandma Justice entered the strip contest at Parliament House to raise money so we try our best to recap what that was like ….. but seeing the pictures and video will probably do a better job.

More on gay NBA players, gay marriage is legal in Star Wars, we work on speech pathology on the air and Justice thinks about re-creating his ’15 Traditional Dates’ Challenge from 2010 (but not because he is lonely)
Join our radio team for the AIDS Walk and maybe donate a few buck to help us reach our goal.
All easy to do online … even $5 helps
1. GO to www.AIDSwalkOrlando.org
2. Click DONATE
3. Select ‘Donate to a team’ as the Donation Type
4. Select ‘1OutloudOrlando’ (we should be the team at the very top of the list)

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