Ep. #209 – Surviving VD, Talking with Tongues Out and Search for a Cam Boy Begins!

A quick recap of Valentine’s Day and deciding that the benchmark in any relationship is operating a canoe/divorce boat OR waiting in lines during a day at a theme park.

We see how the show would sound if we didn’t have tongues learn that Daniel makes up 1% of 1.7% when it comes to the states with the most LGBT-ers.

How Facebook is killing conversations, complaints about the show, and rants about middle schoolers in Lake County Florida.

International news takes us to France followed by awkward date talk by Atomyc plus seeking a second date on the air (will he say yes??)

The search for the radio show’s un’official’ gay cam boy begins as we explore the dirtier side on online sex and who will bare it all while our show plays in the background (Tell me THAT doesn’t sound sexy). Follow us on Twitter @GayRadioShow for more details.

All of that courtesy of Justice, Atomyc, Mocha Andrews, Cute Mikey and Jamez the Quiet/Freaky Intern on this episode of the show.

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