Ep. #190 – It wasn’t me, it was the helium

Jamez the Quiet Kinky Intern decides to pitch his bit and change how the show sounds by making us inhale helium from balloons during the first half of the show
(We later learned that we probably murdered several hundreds of brain cells in the process but who’s counting??)

After 28 entries and over 1600 online votes, the 2nd Annual LOGO OVER YOU JUNK CONTEST comes to an end. We award superlatives, pick our personal favorite entries and a winner is crowned & awarded $250!! ****See the pics here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.266913720091962.62241.100003200090514&type=1

Justice reflects on Orlando Pride and tries to admit he was wrong when it comes to his attitude towards the whole thing.

At Large Drag pageants, traveling to new cities, the goo news and how the medium of radio can sometimes cause disagreements in how we communicate with one another (in other words, Justice picked a fight on-air….again)

All that with funny voices….check it out!

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