Ep. #189 – Justice’s self-indulgent narcissistic world of ME & 5 other people in the studio

A full studio brings the chaos and the love with Atomyc, Colby the phone boy, Jinx, Axel Andrews & Jack the Gorgeous Intern.

The LOGO OVER YOUR JUNK contest ends in a week and the bonus point superlative awards are announced including ‘Most likely to do Porn’ and ‘Most likely to sleep with Justice’ and we look at the new entries to the contest.

Justice visits the dentist and gets hit on by the female assistant and a new study comes out claiming that Facebook is making us more mean.

Tony the actor from Los Angeles calls to play DRUNK HOMO TRIVIA featuring Q&A with the sexy (and intoxicated) Brad.

We try to get into some news stories before the conversation become Justice versus GAY PRIDE and a whole new can of worms may have just been opened.

All that and the rest of what you love (and hate) from Outloud Orlando~!!

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