Ep. #188 – How many times can we say superficial scab & the hottest guy ever comes by the studio

With Week 4 Intern a no-show, it’s just to Justice and Atomyc to man the show.

Special guest Tyler comes along (Entry #12 in the Logo Over Your Junk Contest) bring authentic southern boy twink realness to the show (,,,and damn, he’s hot)

Justice thinks dating someone has given him newfound fashion sense but also starts to realize that being someone’s boyfriend means you can’t be as free as you used to be when you were single.

The Logo Over your Junk Contest continues even though we decide that we made it WAYYY too long and we talk about the new entries and the photos that are at the top of the list with votes.

We also decide to go high school with the contest and add a few superlatives that people can vote on for bonus points (Best Eyes, Most Jack-Worthy, Most likely to turn tricks on Orange Blossom Trail, etc.)

A ton of calls from around the country let us know we might be doing something right as new listeners check in to the show, the gay jew news (minus Rob) the day before Yom Kippur, remembering the Oregon Trail video game and more on this episode of Outloud Orlando~!

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