Ep. #187 – Our listeners are scab free

It’s the MURDER episode of the radio show (*187 is the police code for MURDER)

Atomyc, Oral the 3rd Intern, and a muscle stud named Brad are in studio with Justice who is stressed out over needing to find a new roommate.

What makes someone easy to live with and is Justice a good roommate or a bad roommate and how should he search for one?

S.A.L.O.Y.J.C. continues with more entries and a new front-runner calls in representing the naked nerd/hipster population. (Second Annual Logo Over Your Junk Contest)

We figure out that Brad the hot guy might be a few bricks shy of a full load in the mental department but we don’t hate him for him.

Instead, we tap his mind to figure out the meaning of today’s news & headlines along with playing an impromptu game of Fact or Crap.

All that plus comic books, getting your picture taken, asking the callers about their scabs and pretending to be tired to get laid on THIS episode of the radio show.


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